Coimbatore: Rain improves storage in PAP reservoirs

Coimbatore: Though not a torrential downpour as it was in the last couple of days, intermittent showers have been improving the storage in the Parambikulam Aliyar Project reservoirs. Rain continues in the Western Ghats, especially in the catchments of the PAP as well as in Siruvani and Pilloor.

In Sholayar, the dam level stood at 151.88 ft as against the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 160 with the inflow at 599 cusecs and outflow at 634 cusecs and rainfall at 33 mm. In Parambikulam, the storage was 71.90 ft as against the FRL of 72 and inflow was 680 cusecs and discharge was 680 cusecs and rainfall was 19 mm. Aliyar had a storage of 119.70 against an FRL of 120 ft and inflow was 748 cusecs and discharge was 829 cusecs while rainfall was 1.6 mm.

Thirumurthy had a storage of 44.28 ft as against the FRL of 60 ft and the inflow was 114 cusecs while the discharge was 14 cusecs and rainfall 3 mm. Thirumurthy had a storage of 79.60 ft as against the FRL of 90 ft and inflow stood at 3,164 ft and discharge was 7 cusecs and rainfall 2 mm.

The Water Resource Organisation (WRO) of the Public Works Department have already commenced the works for removal of the boulder and sand from the Aliyar Feeder canal as well as the breached Contour Canal. The access road to the breach site of the Canal Road is also almost ready for reaching men and materials. The works are expected to be speeded up once the rain stops.

In Coimbatore, Siruvani dam registered a rainfall of 22 mm while the foothills registered 18 mm and the dam continued to surplus at 878.5 ft. The surplus continued in Pilloor also.