Ramanathapuram: Vaigai water reaches Parthibanur regulator

To be regulated to Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts

RAMANATHAPURAM: The Vaigai water, which has been opened for irrigation, has reached Parthibanur regulator, which has facility to regulate water for various parts of the Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts.

Collector T.N. Hariharan opened the shutter at Parthibanur near here on Monday to mark the supply of water through three channels such as Vaigai River, Right Main Canal (RMC) and Left Main Canal (LMC) in the presence of Public Work Department (PWD) officials and a few farmers.

The Vaigai water, which was opened on Friday, is expected to reach Ramanathapuram big tank within a day, as the water ways are fully wet due to the recent rain.

Mr. Hariharan said the district would fully get its share of 4,350 mcft out of the present storage of 7,000 mcft in the Vaigai dam. The outflow (from Vaigai dam) would be 3,000 cusecs for the first two days and 2,800 cusecs in the next two days. It would be 1,500 cusecs for 4 days from December 1 to 4. The outflow from the Vaigai dam would be 1,400 cusecs for a day on December 5. The pattern of arrival of Vaigai water would enable a proper distribution of water to all areas.

T. Kumanan, Executive Engineer, PWD (WRO), said 3,000 cusecs was being realised at Parthibanur, as there was no water pilferage, evaporation or other, as the waterways had already been recharged.

It would benefit 67,937 acres in Ramanathpauram and Sivaganga districts.

Mr. Hariharan said 154 kanmois would get water from Right Main Canal and 48 kanmois would receive water from Left Main Canal of which 39 were in Sivaganga district.

Necessary steps were taken to take the water to the stipulated areas. Police protection would be given at vulnerable areas to prevent illegal tapping of water.

Gnanakannan, Revenue Divisional Officer, M. Salim Babu, Ramamoorthy, Assistant Executive Engineers, T. Guruthivel Maran, G. Nagarathinam, Jeyaraj, Assistant Engineers and others took part.


Tamilnadu: 10 dams in southern districts overflowing

MADURAI: Ten out of the 32 dams in nine southern districts under the jurisdiction of the Water Resources Organisation, Madurai Region, of the Public Works Department have surplussed in the past few days.

Among the 7,287 irrigation tanks in the region, including eight districts and a portion of Dindigul district, 1,651 tanks are filled to the brim. Almost an identical number of tanks have water up to 75 per cent of their capacity.

Among the overflowing reservoirs, four each are in Theni and Tirunelveli districts. Vaigai, Shanmuganadi, Marudhanadi and Sothuparai dams in Theni district and Karupappandi, Gundar, Gadana and Ramanadi in Tirunelveli district have surplussed.

Both the districts, along the Western Ghats, have been largely benefited by the recent rain, says P. Ramamoorthy, Chief Engineer, WRO, Madurai Region.

The rain in the Western Ghats has also benefited the Mullaperiyar dam, which is just one foot short of overflowing.

The Marudhanadi dam in Dingidul and Sasthakoil dam in Virudhunagar district are the two others overflowing. Three major dams in Tirunelveli district — Papanasam, Manimuthar and Servalar — have significant storage.

Poor storage

However, the districts of Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga and Virudhunagar continue to have poor storage in the tanks.

Just three tanks (out of the total 1,115) in Sivaganga have water to their capacity. Eighteen (out of 342) tanks in Virudhunagar and 26 (out of 623) tanks in Ramanathapuram are full.

“We have sought the State government’s permission to fill the system tanks in Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts with (the 3,600 mcft of) Vaigai credit in the reservoir,” Mr. Ramamoorthy said.

Vaigai credit water, divided into 12 parts, is distributed among Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts. While Sivaganga is eligible for three parts, Ramanathapuram gets seven. Madurai district is eligible for two parts.

As of now, the surplus water from the Vaigai dam is being used to fill the Big Tank in Ramanathapuram.


Rain affects normal life in Ramanathapuram

RAMANATHAPURAM: Normal life was affected on Sunday due to heavy rain that lashed several parts of Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts.

Though the sky was overcast all through the day with intermittent drizzle, heavy rain occurred between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. People were forced to confine inside their houses.

Paramakudi, Kadaladi, Mudukulathur, which received less rain so far during the season when compared to other areas in the district, experienced heavy rain.

Vehicle movement on National Highway 49 was affected due to inundation of water at Ramanathapuram, Paramakudi and other areas. Knee-deep water was flowing at Paramakudi. Later it started receding to some extent.

The maximum rainfall in the district was recorded at Valinokkam with 112.4 mm followed by Mudukulathur 100 mm during the last 24 hours that ended at 8.30 am on Sunday.

While Kamudhi recorded 70 mm Kadaladi registered 99.6 mm. Ramanathapuram recorded 37.2.


Theni: PWD issues first flood warning to five districts

THENI: Public Works Department engineers issued the first flood warning for Dindigul, Theni, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts as water level in Vaigai dam touched 66 feet at 4 p.m. on Monday

People residing along the river banks had been asked to move to places of safety.

The second flood warning will be issued when the level touches 68.5 feet and the third and final warning will be issued and excess water released from the dam simultaneously when the level crosses 69.5 feet. Water level crossed 65.8 feet in the afternoon. Heavy flow in major rivers such as Vaigai, Kottakudi and Mullaperiyar rivers has also increased inflow to the dam.

Periyar dam has also been receiving large quantum of water in the past two days. Inflow of 11,788 cusecs has increased the storage level to 129.9 feet (permissible level 136 feet) on Tuesday afternoon. However, discharge was restricted at 1,088 cusecs only.


Vaigai dam water release from today – october 24th

MADURAI: Water release from Vaigai dam for irrigating double crop and single crop area will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Over 1.5 lakh acres of land in Dindigul, Madurai and Sivaganga districts would benefit. The State Government had ordered the release for 128 days, Collector, N. Mathivanan said.

He asked the farmers of 1,42,008 acres in Madurai district, 1,996 acres in Dindigul district and 6,039 acres in Sivaganga district to cultivate short-term crops and use water judiciously. Asking them to cooperate with the Public Works Department officials, he said that in the event of monsoon failure and dwindling inflow to Periyar dam, turn system of irrigation would be implemented.

Earlier, unprecedented number of farmers thronged the monthly farmers’ grievance redressal meeting hall eagerly expecting the water release. Many of them, who did not find a chair to sit, kept standing all through the two-hour proceeding and dispersed only after the Collector announced that the Government had declared to release water on Friday or Saturday.

Sensing the mood of the farmers, Mr. Mathivanan in his very opening remarks said that he too was waiting for the State Government’s order on the water release.

He said that he had spoken to the Chief Minister’s secretary and the file was waiting only for the Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi’s approval.

Later, around noon he left to his chamber saying that he would discuss the issue with the officials in Chennai.

However, when he announced the Government decision, the farmers wanted to know whether the release was meant for both the double crop area and the single crop area or only the double crop area.

The Collector refused to entertain any discussion on this issue as only the Government could take a decision. Meanwhile, Water Users’ Association of Kulamangalam has warned the Collector that the district administration would be responsible if the farmers faced loss of crop due to water shortage.

In a memorandum, the association had said that with just 6,000 mcft of Periyar water available in the Periyar-Vaigai system, it would be difficult to get enough water for irrigating the entire 1.5 lakh acres of land.

In a similar situation when water was released late in November in 2003, farmers lost their crop, the memorandum said.

The association wanted the water to be released only for the double crop area of 45,000 acres.


Tamilnadu-August, September rains boost prospects of Sivaganga farmers

SIVAGANGA: Though the northeast monsoon is likely to begin in the third week of this month, agricultural operations have gained momentum thanks to the good rain recorded in August and September.

Preliminary phase: Planting is under way in a paddy field at Sundaranadappu in Sivaganga district. - Photo: L. Balachandar

Preliminary phase: Planting is under way in a paddy field at Sundaranadappu in Sivaganga district. - Photo: L. Balachandar

The district has received 438 mm rain as against the normal rainfall of 460.5 up to September. Though it has received less than the average, the rainfall is stated as almost normal quantum. Moreover, the rain received in August and September has offset the deficit rainfall in earlier part of the year.

The district recorded 136 mm and 129 mm as against 88.2 and 99.7 mm respectively in August and September. Though it was sporadic, it had facilitated the farmers to start pre-monsoon works like sowing and raising nurseries. It has raised the hope of bringing the targeted 69,900 hectares under paddy cultivation this year.

S. Palanisamy, Joint Director of Agriculture, told The Hindu that direct sowing had been completed in almost all 20,000 hectares in Devakottai, Ilayangudi and Kannangudi areas, which were totally dependent on rainfed cultivation. The crop was also stated to be good as sporadic rain was reported in those areas in September.

S. Natarajan, Agricultural Officer, Sivaganga said that raising of nurseries had also started in many areas. So far nurseries had been raised in 4,200 hectares as against the target of 6,900 hectares. There would not be problem in raising nurseries in 2,700 hectares also as northeast monsoon was expected to set in within 10 days.

He said farmers who had wells for irrigation and good water storage in tanks and ponds had also started paddy transplantation.

S. Somasundram of Sundaranadappu near Sivaganga said transplantation was going on in full swing in all areas of Sundaranadappu as it had received good rain for three days. Farmers were happy to complete transplantation two weeks before the start of monsoon.

Mr. Natarajan said that groundnut had been raised in 3000 hectares as against the target of 4000 hectares. The shortfall was reported due to poor rainfall in June and July.