Thanjavur: Heavy rain lashes districts in delta region

Holiday for Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Pudukottai

THANJAVUR: Heavy rain lashed Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts on Tuesday. Low-lying areas were inundated and water stagnation was reported in paddy fields in some areas. While so far there is no crop damage, continuation of rain hereafter may inundate and damage crops.

M. S. Shanmugham, Thanjavur Collector, said that agriculture department officials have been asked to make an assessment on Wednesday and take steps to save the standing samba crop by advising precautionary methods.

Samba crop is in different stages in the two districts and harvest is expected to commence from second week of January.

Rainfall recorded in the last 24 hours till eight a.m. on Tuesday: Muthupettai 91.4 mms, Tiruvarur 46.8 mms, Thanjavur 45 mms, Thiruthuraipoondi 44.6 mms, Pattukottai 38 mms, Valangaiman 37.5 mms, Needamangalam 36 mms, Madukkur 31 mms, Orathanadu 29 mms, Nannilam 27.5 mms, Mannargudi 27 mms, Kodavasal 23.6 mms, Kumbakonam 18.5 mms and Papanasam 14 mms.


The week-long rain that lashed the district promised some respite with the retreat of the cyclone. However, with just few hours of sunny weather on Sunday, rain continued relentlessly into its second week here in the district.

Thirupoondi, Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam and other parts of district experienced heavy rain throughout the day on Tuesday. Roads and housing colonies in low-lying areas were inundated.

Union Territory of Karaikal experienced intermittent but heavy rain through the day.

Vedaranyam recorded the maximum rainfall of 189.8 mm in the last 24 hours that ended at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. The following are the chief amounts of rainfall in the district: Manalmedu 48.4mm, Thalainayar 48.2 mm, Nagapattinam 44.6 mm, Mayiladuturai 42 mm, Thirutharaipoondi 30 mm, Tharangambadi 26.6 mm, Sirkazhi 13.1 mm, Kollidam 12 mm, with the recorded average rainfall of 50.52 mm.

A holiday has been declared for schools in Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Pudukottai districts on Wednesday.

Mr. Shanmugham and M.Chandrasekaran, Collector of Tiruvarur district, have issued orders for closure of the schools on Wednesday.

In Nagapattinam, exams scheduled for Wednesday have been postponed to January 4, according to an official press release.

All schools will remain closed in Pudukottai district , according to Collector A. Suganthai.


Rain continues in Karur, Thanjavur

KARUR: Wet weekend continued as intermittent and widespread rain continued to lash several parts of Karur district while feeble sunshine leapt through dark clouds that hung over the town during the early part of Saturday.

The district recorded a total of 87.78 mm rainfall in the 24 hours ending 8.30 a.m. on Saturday. The chief amounts of rainfall (in mm) recorded in various centres across the district are as follows: Mylampatti and Thogamalai 21 each, Mayanur 8.2, Krishnarayapuram 8, Panchapatti 6.6, Palaviduthi 6, Karur 4.8, Kadavur 4, Aravakurichi 3.5, Anaipalayam and K. Paramathi 2, Kulithalai 1.4 mm.

Sources said that two huts were damaged in the Kulithalai area while three others were damaged in the rains that lashed Aravakurichi area.


Heavy rain lashed Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts on Saturday. Low lying areas were inundated. However agriculture department officials said that samba transplantation can be taken up. In Thanjavur district officials are hopeful of exceeding the samba and thaladi target of 1,45,000 hectares by 10,000 hectares more.


Nagapattinam: Samba on over 22,000 ha submerged in rainwater

NAGAPATTINAM: Over 22,000 ha of Samba and Thaladi crops and 9,460 acres of saltpans were inundated here at the tail end as of Monday.

Efforts were on to drain out water from the inundated fields at the earliest.

The Collector C. Munianathan inspected the shutters of Naatar and Vaanjyar channels, and directed Public Works Department officials to concentrate on containing the impact of perilous rise of Vadakodai and Thenkodai rivers in Maandhai village, due to huge inflows.

According to the district administration, about 11 houses were completely destructed and 22 houses partially damaged due to the continuous rains that also left 41 cattle heads dead.

Meanwhile, the TNEB rectified 65 damaged electric poles and readied additional poles to meet eventualities.

About 124 km of road under the Highways department has borne the brunt of the heavy rains.

Preventive medicines have been stocked with the Primary Health Centres.

Sandbags have been stocked with PWD (Irrigation), Block Development Officers, Town Panchayats and Municipal Commissioners. Officials from the departments of Revenue, Development, PWD, fire service were sustaining their surveillance.

The Collector inspected flooded fields at Thalainayar, Thagattur, Paangal, Kiliyanur, Maandhai, Komal, Perizhandhur, Melayur, Keezhaveli, Kuthalam. Flood-relief efforts have been embarked upon on a war footing in these villages.

Earlier, a consultative meeting was held at the Collectorate to take stock of the situation. Senior officials, including the District Revenue Officer and Project Officer of District Rural Development Agency participated.

The rainfall levels for the district as of 8.30 a.m. Monday were as follows. Tharangambadi 26.1 mm, Mayiladuthurai 20.6 mm, Thalainayar 9.6 mm, Thirupoondi 25 mm, Sirkazhi 57 mm, Nagapattinam 27.2 mm, Vedaranyam 3 mm, Kollidam 60 mm, Manalmedu 37.8 mm. The district witnessed an average rainfall of 29.59 mm.


Samba paddy crop on 10,000 hectares was inundated due to continuous rain in Tiruvarur district.

According to M. Chandrasekaran, Collector, one-week-old transplanted crops were inundated in Thiruthuraipoondi and Muthupettai areas. But there may not be any damage as water started receding on Monday with the let-up in the rain, the Collector said. However, samba paddy transplantation continued in the district using the rainwater.


Crops on 1800 hectares were inundated in Thirupandandal area. However, transplantation continued and till Monday, samba had been transplanted on 1,15,000 hectares.

The rain brought under control leaf folder disease. This is another positive benefit of the rain, according to agriculture department officials.

Public Works Department stopped release of water into Vennar and Cauvery river systems from the Grand Anaicut in view of the rain in delta districts.

Rainfall recorded in the 24-hour period ending at 8.30 a.m. on Monday: Thirukattupalli 39.20 mm, Thanjavur 38.70, Grand Anaicut 32.40, Peravurani 32.20, Neyvasal 27, Ayyampettai 24, Orathanadu 10.20, Papanasam 10.20, Kumbakonam 16.40, Thiruvaiyaru 20.40 Budalur 9.40, Adhirampattinam 8 and Vallam 3 mm.


Pudukottai not hit by rain

Yet district administration made precautionary measures: Collector 

PUDUKOTTAI: With the district registering an average scanty daily rainfall of 40 mm since the onset of the north-east monsoon, the showers did not hit the district in any manner, the Collector, A. Suganthi, said.

In a press release issued here on Monday, the Collector said that however, the district administration, had made precautionary measures to meet any emergency.

She said that the Public Works Department officials had been directed to strengthen the supply and drainage channels of major tanks and water-bodies in the district to prevent any possible breach.

A total of 27 places prone for major or minor breach had been identified and sand bags moved to these sites. The Electricity Department officials had been advised to check the leakage of power at the electric poles in the vicinity of these water-bodies.

The Collector said that all public health measures had been geared up. The municipalities had been directed to clear the garbage twice a day to check the incidence of any epidemic or endemic in the town.

All the 10 Cyclone Relief Centres in the coastal villages had been readied for accommodating the fishermen during any cyclone or unforeseen circumstances.

Zonal officers have been appointed for every taluk to keep a close vigil on the flood situation.

The Collector earlier inspected the damage caused at a couple of tanks Periyakulam and Pudhukulam near Viralimalai. She advised the officials to take immediate restoration measures.


There was some respite on Monday for the distraught public of Karur district, battered by heavy and widespread rain over the past few days.

It rained in the early part of the day while heavy clouds hung over the town and several parts of the district in the evening. The extent of downpour in the district could be seen from the recording of rainfall that scaled 930 mm in the 24 hours ending Monday morning.

Chief amounts of rainfall (in mm) registered in various locations across the district in the 24 hours ending 8-30 a.m. on Monday are as follows: Palaviduthi 166, K. Paramathi 118, Anaipalayam 101, Aravakurichi 89, Mayilampatti 79, Kadavur 77, Krishnarayapuram 76.4, Mayanur 57.6, Thogamalai 53, Panjapatti 42.4, Kulithalai 37.3 and Karur 35. The district recorded a total of 931 mm rainfall in the period.


The district administration has geared up to meet contingencies, due to the monsoon rain.

The administration has galvanised the departments of Revenue, Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Development, Public Works, Highways, Transport, and health, and the machinery of local bodies to undertake relief operations on a war footing.

A control room established in the Collectorate can be accessed by the public at the dial of 04329-223351. The other helpline numbers are 04329 – 222058 (Office of Revenue Divisional Officer, Ariyalur), 04331 – 245352 (RDO, Udayarpalayam), 04329 – 222062 (Tahsildar Office, Ariyalur), 04329 – 242320 (Tahsildar Office, Senthurai), and 04331 – 250220.

Accompanied by officials of Public Works department, the Collector T. Abraham inspected the embankments of the Coleroon river where strengthening works are in progress at a cost of Rs. 23.57 crore.

Mr. Abraham assessed the pace of works at Kadambur, Thoothur, Vaipur, Muthuvancheri, Thenkachi, Annakaranpettai, Kodalikaruppur, Thathanpettai and Annakarai where the embankments were being raised and walls strengthened to prevent soil erosion.

He instructed PWD the officials to take precautionary measures to prevent breaches on water courses.


Ten special monitoring committees had been formed in the 10 panchayat unions in Tiruvarur district to take precautionary and relief measures quickly, said M. Chandrasekaran, Tiruvarur Collector on Monday.

The Collector said that there was no damage in the district due to rain as the rainfall so far received was below the normal average rainfall for November i.e. 350 mm. From October 29 till November 9, the district received an average rainfall of 324.56 mm.

However officials have been asked to strengthen river and canal bunds in vulnerable areas. As farmers may require fertilisers after the rain stops, a stock of 2,683 tonnes of Urea, 3,140 tonnes of Di Ammonium Phosphate, 2,785 tonnes of Potash and 848 tonnes of complex fertilizers are kept ready and will be distributed on need.

People can contact the Collector office number 04366-223344 or the flood control room number 1071 to convey any emergency message or get help to meet any eventuality, said a press release.


Thanjavur: Rain continues in delta districts

THANJAVUR: Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts continued to experience intermittent showers on Friday.

Minor breaches occurred in some canals in Tiruvarur district. PWD engineers and revenue divisional officers have been asked by the Collector of Tiruvarur to check the breaches and plug them.

Meanwhile, samba transplantation continued in both districts. Rainfall recorded during the 24-hour period ending at 8.30 a.m. on Friday: (in mm) Grand Anaicut 21, Thirukattupalli 23, Thiruvaiyaru 30, Thanjavur 31, Ayyampettai 42, Papanasam 27 , Kumbakonam 19, Valangaiman 37, Kodavasal 34, Nannilam 40, Anaikarai 42, Needamangalam 30, Koradachery 25, Pandavayar 43, Mulliyar 43, Thiruthuraipoondi 37, Tiruvarur 60 and Mannargudi 45.


Thanjavur: Heavy Rain

THANJAVUR: Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts continued to experience heavy showers on Sunday. Grand Anaicut 22 mms, Thirukattupalli 18 mms, Thiruvaiyaru 15 mms, Thanjavur 47 mms, Ayyampettai 24 mms, Papanasam 23 mms, Kumbakonam 27 mms, Valangaiman 15 mms, Kodavasal 14 mms, Nannilam 30 mms, Anaikarai 42 mms, Needamangalam 24 mms, Neyvasal Thenpathi 22 mms, Mannargudi 22 mms, Budalur 19 mms, Orathanadu six mms, Madukkur four mms and Pattukottai three mms. Meanwhile, water level stood at 73.48 ft. In view of the rain, water release into Cauvery and Vennar has been suspended from Grand Anaicut. 3000 cusecs of water is released into Kollidam and Grand Anaicut canal.


Rain lashes Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam

Farmers of tail-end regions in Nagapattinam district happy

THANJAVUR: Heavy rain lashed Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts on Saturday. Agriculture department officials said that the rain would help samba cultivation in the two districts.

undeterred: Devotees thronging the Big Temple to offer prayers on the occasion of Sani Prathosam Day in Thanjavur on Saturday.— Photo: R. Ashok

Rainfall recorded during the 24 hour period ending at 8 a.m. in mm. was: Thanjavur 27, Kumbakonam 9, Valangaiman 18.5, Kodavasal 10.4, Nannilam 20.3, Lower Anaicut 20.Meanwhile water level at Mettur dam stood at 72.97 ft. The storage was 35.304 tmcft. The inflow into the dam was 8,251 cusecs while the discharge was 4,972 cusecs.


Rain has arrived. And those areas here at the tail-end, where transplanted fields were in arid condition for want of water, could have got a breather.

A week ago, fields at Noguthur in Keevazhur block were parched with cracks and sections of the soil had taken the burnt colour of grey.

While other areas had received water, Noguthur with about 250 acres, Melairetaimadhayadi and Kakkalani in Keevazhur had faced water shortage.

Some fields, with their transplanted seedlings, which relied on water from Boomadevikanni channel were seen pumping water with the help of oil engines.

However, the rains of the last three days had altered things. Nagapattinam had recorded a total of 118.83mm, with an average rainfall of 13.20mm.

Sirkazhi had recorded highest of 42.4mm, Mayiladuthurai 12mm, Kollidam 16mm, Manalmedu 13mm, Thiruppondi 8, Nagapattinam 3.3 and Thalainayar had recorded no rains.

On Saturday, Vedaranyam had recorded 12 mm of rainfall.

“The timely receipt of rains would benefit all standing crops. It is a boon for Vedaranyam that practices direct sowing,” said Karunakaran, Joint Director, Agriculture.

However, since farmers here had delayed transplantation of their nurseries on fields, on an average, the seedlings were 15-days old after transplantation and way too tender to sustain heavy rains.

According to Kaveri Danapalan, since transplantation was done in half of the fields, the present rains would help those areas, where water had not reached. “Most of transplanted fields have 15 day-old seedlings. They can sustain only certain amount of rainfall and it should not exceed the given amount,” he said.

Once the seedlings reach 60 days, they were safe even when submerged, the farmers opined.

For crops that were in the verge of withering at the tail-end areas due to lack of water, rains could revive them, said S. Ranganathan, General Secretary, Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association.

Even if the rains continued, it would be safe and minor pests would be washed off, Mr. Karunakaran said.Tender crop of samba could sustain the present limit, farmers said.