Water released from KRP dam for first crop

For rich yield:Water gushing out from the main canal of KRP dam after it was released on Thursday. — Photo: N. Bashkaran

KRISHNAGIRI: Water from the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project (KRP) dam was released for the first crop from the right and left main canals on Thursday by Collector (in charge) P. Prabhakar in the presence of E.G. Sugavanam, MP, and MLAs T. Senguttuvan and T.A. Meganathan. A total of 9,012 acres of agricultural land in 16 villages will benefit for the next 150 days from July 1 to November 27.

A total of 4,287 acres in the ayacut of right main canal and the small lakes on the way and 4,725 acres in the ayacut of left main canal and the small lakes on its way will be irrigated.

Periyamuthur, Sundekuppam, Thimmapuram, Soutaalli, Thalialli, Kalvealli, Kundalapatti, Mittaalli, Erraalli, Penneswaramadam, Kaveripattinam, Balekuli, Marichettihalli, Nagojanaalli, Janapparuralli and Paiyur will benefit from the dam water. “The time frame for water release will not be extended. Hence, farmers should use water judiciously,” Mr. Prabhakar said.

The water level in the dam was 48.50 ft as against its full height of 52 ft. S. Senguttuvan, Executive Engineer, R. Gouthaman, Assistant Executive Engineer and presidents of Water Users Associations participated.


Release Kandaleru water from July 1

State government writes to Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has to provide 8 thousand million cubic feet of water between July and October

Officials also plan to visit Andhra Pradesh requesting discharge of Krishna water

CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government on Tuesday wrote to Andhra Pradesh seeking release of water from the Kandaleru reservoir from July 1 to offset the depleting resources in the reservoirs that supply to Chennai.

According to sources in the Water Resources Department, Tamil Nadu requested for release of the water as per the agreement between the two States under the Krishna water supply project. Andhra Pradesh has to provide 8 thousand million cubic feet of water between July and October.

A team of WRD officials also plan to visit Andhra Pradesh requesting discharge of Krishna water. The inter-State border of Kandaleru Poondi canal received 2.87 tmcft of water between February and April this year.

Combined storage

Officials of the Chennai Metrowater said the combined storage of the four reservoirs – Poondi, Cholavaram, Red Hills and Chembarambakkam – stood at 4.6 tmcft, which is only 43 per cent of their total capacity.

However, the Metrowater is able to manage the daily supply of 650 million litres a day with additional resources from Veeranam lake. The waterbody has 700 million cubic feet against its capacity of 1,465 mcft, which is a better storage compared to last year.

The recent showers were also favourable in reducing the evaporation loss in the reservoirs. Normally, about 30 mcft of water daily is lost due to evaporation and drawal. But, it was reduced to 20 mcft this month owing to showers, an official said.

With the available resources, the Metrowater would be able to sustain water supply till October. The release of Krishna water would help in stepping up the water storage, the official said.

K. Lakshmi – From THE HINDU

Release water in Kalingarayan Canal

ERODE: Members of the Kalingarayan Pasana Sabhi has urged the district administration to take steps to release water in Kalingarayan Canal from July 1.

The Public Works Department is carrying out repairs and maintenance works in the canal. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development provided a sum of Rs. 12 crore for these works.


Since the works are progressing at a snail’s pace, members of the association wanted the administration to postpone the remaining works to the next year and release water from July 1.

This would help the farmers depending on the canal take up cultivation. The members adopted a resolution to this effect at a meeting held here recently.


Water release stopped in dam

Nagercoil: The release of water from the Pechipparai dam was stopped on Sunday following leakage in a channel, 100 meter away from the dam, where the fisheries department has a fish farm.

Meanwhile, heavy rain lashed different parts of the district for the fifth day on Monday.


Mettur water release unlikely on June 12

CHENNAI: Opening of the Mettur reservoir on June 12 for kuruvai cultivation in Cauvery delta districts may not be possible this year in view of poor storage.

On Tuesday, the storage was 38 thousand million cubic (tmc) ft as against the capacity of 93.4 tmcft. Only if the level on June 12 is at least 50 tmcft or more can water be released.

Every year, the reservoir is opened on June 12 for kuruvai cultivation on about 1.2 lakh hectares in the delta districts.

Last year too, the reservoir could not be opened on the scheduled date as the storage was only 23 tmcft. Kuruvai crop was raised on about 55,000 hectares with the help of filter-point wells.

Hopes on monsoon

Public Works Department officials here say though the south-west monsoon has set in, the reservoir may not get sufficient water before June 12.

At present the combined storage in Karnataka reservoirs is 26 tmcft as against the capacity of 114 tmcft in Kabini and Krishna Raja Sagar and its suppliers Harangi and Hemavathi.

It has been the practice of Karnataka to release water for Tamil Nadu only after its reservoirs are full.

As of now there is no possibility of the State getting water from Karnataka, which will build up storage in its reservoirs to the extent possible.

Tamil Nadu can, at best, get water from the Kabini reservoir in the immediate future as its storage is somewhat better at 6.6 tmc ft compared to the capacity of 19 tmcft.

Tribunal order

As per the interim order of the Cauvery Water Distress Tribunal, all reservoirs in the Cauvery system should be closed for irrigation on January 31 and there should not be any water release till June 1. But, Karnataka continues to violate the order and has been drawing water from its reservoirs for summer crops.

In the current year too, the Karnataka reservoirs had a combined storage of 68 tmc ft and the storage at Kabini was 13 tmcft. But, in the last four months, Karnataka withdrew about 42 tmcft of water for the summer crop.

S. Vydhianathan From THE HINDU