Dharmapuri: Water released from Vaniyar Dam

DHARMAPURI: As requisitioned by farmers of the Vaniyar ayacut, P. Amutha, Collector, released water from Vaniyar Dam on January 30 for irrigation to lakes in old ayacut area and left and right main canals.

Water would be released on a rotation basis to the canals by dividing it into two zones. Lakes in old ayacut areas such as Venkatasamuthram, Alapuram, Ondhiampatti, Thenkaraikottai and Parayapatti will get 75 cft a day for 20 days through right main canal. Through left main canal 16 villages such as Venkatasamuthram, Alapuram, Ondhiampatti, Thenkaraikottai, Parayapatti, Molayanur, Kozhimookanur, Pappireddypatti, Adhikarapatti, Thathampatti, Koundampatti, Pudhupatti, Deverajapalayam, Menaci, Boothanatham and Jammanaalli will benefit.

Ms. Amutha asked farmers to use the water judiciously to reap maximum benefit with the cooperation of the officials of the Public Works Department.

V. Mullaivendan, MLA, K. Priya, Deputy Collector, Moyeesan, RDO, Harur, Mani, Executive Engineer (Water Resources Organisation), among others participated.

Later, Ms. Amutha inspected the Sri Lanka refugee camp and promised camp members that all basic facilities would be provided to them, says a release.


Krishnagiri: Water released from KRP Dam

Time frame will not be extended beyond 120 days: Collector

KRISHNAGIRI: Water from the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project (KRP) Dam was released for the second crop from the right and left main canals on Friday by Collector V.K. Shanmugam in the presence of Kaveripattinam MLA T.A. Magenathan. A total of 9,012 acres of agriculture land in 16 villages will benefit for the next 120 days.

Gushing out: Water released from the KRP Dam for irrigation on Friday. Krishnagiri Collector V.K. Shanmugam opened the sluice gates. — Photo: N. Bashkaran

A total of 4,287 acres in the ayacut of right main canal and the small lakes on the way and 4,725 acres in the ayacut of left main canal and the small lakes on its way will be irrigated.

Periyamuthur, Sundekuppam, Thimmapuram, Soutaalli, Thalialli, Kalvealli, Kundalapatti, Mittaalli, Erraalli, Penneswaramadam, Kaveripattinam, Palekuli, Marichettihalli, Nagojanaalli, Janapparuralli and Paiyur will benefit from the dam water.

Water will be released for 120 days.

“The time frame for water release will not be extended beyond 120 days. Hence, farmers should use water judiciously,” the Collector said.

Water level

The present water level in the KRP Dam was 51.70 ft as against its full height of 52 ft. Water storage was 1632.22 cft. Water released through the right main canal and left main canal was 180 cft per second.

Earlier, water from the dam was released for the first crop from July 2 this year for 150 days.

R. Gouthaman, Assistant Executive Engineer and presidents of Water Users Association participated.


Krishnagiri: Water to be released tomorrow

KRISHNAGIRI: Water from Barur in Pochampalli taluk will be released through East and West main canals for 135 days from Thursday to April 24 for the irrigation of second crop. Collector V.K. Shanmugam said that 4,729 acres of agriculture land in Barur, Arasampatti, Keelkuppam, Pendaraalli, Jingal Kathirampatti, Thathampatti, Kottapatti villages would benefit from the water release.


Madurai: Water released from Vaigai dam

For irrigattion in Sivaganga, Ramnad

MADURAI: The State Government on Wednesday cleared the Public Works Department’s proposal to release water for irrigating farm lands in Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts.

The Executive Engineer (Periyar-Vaigai Basin circle), S. Vijayakumar, said that 40,743 acres in Sivaganga and 67,837 acres in Ramanathapuram would benefit from the release.

Initially, 1,500 cusecs of Vaigai credit of water from the Vaigai dam was being released from Wednesday evening. Mr. Vijayakumar said the quantum of water for each district would be decided based on the requirement and rainfall in those areas. The modalities for quantum of release were being worked out, he said.

The PWD has sought the water release after the Vaigai dam started overflowing since Sunday. The water level has since then stood at 69 feet (maximum level 71 feet) with the entire inflow to the dam being discharged.


Theni: Water released for irrigation

From P.T. Rajan and other channels

THENI: Water has been released from the P.T. Rajan and Thanthai Periyar channels in Cumbum valley and also from the Shanmuganadhi channel in Uthamapalayam for irrigation of wet and dry crops, said Collector P. Muthuveeran.

After releasing water from the Shamuganadhi dam here on Monday, he said that the water was released from Periyar Vaigai Irrigation system in the valley for single crop in 5,146 acres – 468 acres of wet crops and 4,678 acres of dry crop areas – in Cumbum valley. Initially, 100 cusecs of water had been released. Water release would continue for next 120 days from Periyar dam in addition to the existing release of 200 cusecs. Chinnamanur, Seelayampatty, Veppampatti, Seepalakottai, Poomalaikundu, Tharmapuri, Thadicherry, Venkatachalpuram, Koduvilarpatty, Jangalpatti, Kovindanagaram and Balakrishnapuram would be benefited.

Later, he released water from the Shanmuganadhi reservoir to irrigate 1,018.17 acres of dry crop in second block on the same day. To begin with, 14.47 cusecs of water had been released. Water would be discharged in turn system from Shanuganadhi Reservoir for the next 62 days.

If the storage level depleted owing to the failure of monsoon in the catchments, water release would not be possible, he pointed out. With this release, five villages, including Erasakkanaickanur, Kanniservaipatty, Alagapuri, Velliammalpuram and Odaipatti, would be benefited.

The Public Works engineers had already released water for irrigation from Sothuparai and Manjalar Nadhi dams last week. Storage levels in all dams in the district had reached their total capacity owing to recent spell and flash floods in all major rivers, including Mullai Periyar River.

The level in the Periyar dam rose marginally to 134.8 feet (permissible level is 136 feet). Inflow in to the dam was 3,492 cusecs. But the discharge remained at 1,648 cusecs only.

The level remained static in the Vaigai dam, thanks to the massive discharge from the dam.

The storage level has been remaining in the same position at 69.06 for the past two days. Inflow into the dam was 4,074 cusecs and the discharge 3,492 cusecs.

Total rainfall recorded at various places in the district at 8 a.m. on Monday in mm:

Periyar dam 18.2, Thekkadi 18, Goodalur 14, Uthamapalayam 28, Veerapandi 16, Vaigai dam 18 and Shanmuga River dam 11.


VIRUDHUNAGAR: Water released from Pilavakkal dam

VIRUDHUNAGAR: Minister for Backward Classes Welfare K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran inaugurated the release of water from Pilavakkal dam for irrigation on Saturday.

The Minister promised the farmers of 7,218 acres of land in Srivilliputtur and Sivakasi taluks that water would be supplied to all the system tanks depending on the rainfall. A total of 164 mcft of water was available in the dam. Initially, 300 cusecs of water would be released for one week to fill nine tanks.

Collector Sigy Thomas Vaidhyan, Srivilliputtur MLA T. Ramasamy, Public Works Department Executive Engineer of Upper Vaippar Basin Division P. Thyagarajan were present.


Dindigul: Water released for irrigation purpose from Marudhanadhi Dam

DINDIGUL: Water has been released from Marudhanadhi dam at Iyyampalayam on Tuesday evening for irrigation of paddy crops and to supply water to irrigation tanks in neighbouring villages around the dam site.

Releasing water from the dam, Collector M. Vallalar said initially, 77 cusecs of water had been released.

This supply would continue for one to one and half months.

Later, Public Works engineers would step up the release up to 200 cusecs for transplantation and future irrigation needs.

Water level in the dam stood at 59.4 feet (total height of 64 feet).

A total of 6,590 acres – 2,439 acres of old ayacut and 4,151 acres of new ayacut – would be benefited.

Besides, this water would also be used to fill Thamaraikulam, Karunkulam, Sottankulam, Rengasamudram, Gopal Samudram and Siruvan Kulam irrigation tanks that would subsequently get released to irrigate their ayacuts.

Initial release

Public Works Department Assistant Executive Engineer A. Kumar said that initial release would be only to raise paddy seedlings and to irrigate perennial crops particularly coconut trees in Iyyampalayam, Chitharavu and Chithayankottai.

With comfortable storage of 156.2 mcft (total capacity188.5 mcft) in the dam, Sevugampatti and Devarappanpatti panchayats would have no problem in maintaining drinking water supply.

Later talking to media persons at the dam site, Mr. Vallalar said that three more check dams would be constructed on down streams of Marudhanadhi River to improve ground water table and prevent wastage of water.

Steps were taken to develop this dam site a tourist spot. To begin with, a children park would be created and approach road would be renovated for convenience of tourists, he added.