Low dam water storage level worries farmers

In Kanyakumari district

Nagercoil: Farmers in different parts of Kanyakumari district are upset over inadequate storage of water in all the four dams including Pechipparai, Perunchani, Chittar I and Chittar II. They have expressed their concern over raising paddy crops.

Heavy rain accompanied by wind lashed different parts of the district, particularly in the catchment areas of the district on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. However, the sky remained overcast in few parts of the district.

The heavy rain in the last two days brought cheers to the farming community, particularly in the tail end areas of the district.

Water from these dams is used by farmers for irrigation purpose in both Kumbapoov and Kannipoov seasons covering 79,000 acres of area. In the meantime water from Pechipparai Dam was released on June 7 for the irrigation purpose and farmers depending on Thovalai, Ananthanar and Nanjil Nadu Puthen channel have already undertaken agriculture operations.

Farmers usually not depend on water from these dams for irrigation purpose during Kannipoov season. Instead, they use rain water. However, owing to inadequate rain during the southwest monsoon so far, water level is poor when compared to last year.


Due to heavy wind, the roofs of the three houses were damaged at Kunnuvilai near Vadaserry when a tree fell on it. Similarly, a big tree was also uprooted and fell on the house of Raja Guru of Muthu Nagar near Aralvoimozi. In this incident the wife of Raja Guru , Lalitha sustained injuries and was hospitalised.


Sapling planting programme held

To mark World Environment Day today

Nagercoil: The Water, Environment and Sanitation Consortium (WAESCO) inaugurated a programme by planting saplings by District Environment Co-ordinator K. Vijayakumar and Psychiatrist B.Nagarajan here.

The aim of the this programme is to ensure the environment is free from pollution to mark the the World Environment Day on Saturday.

Mr. Vijayakumar told The Hindu that it was the bounden duty of the younger generation to keep the environment free from any kind of pollution. As per the statistics it came to know that 30,000 crore plants were needed to be planted to balance the ecology.

Regional Convener of WAESCO Arul Kannan said that all the people of the district should follow the principles of the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who is very much interested in motivating children to plant saplings, particularly medicinal ones.

The WAESCO appreciated the efforts made by the Collector Rajendra Ratnoo who was very much interested in declaring the district as ‘plastic-free Kanyakumari,’ because the district was included in the international tourist world map.

WAESCO members Rajan, Gerome, Shanthi, Subramoni and others participated in the function.


Nagercoil: Water release from June 7

Nagercoil: The water from Pechipparai dam for irrigation purpose would be released from June 7, said the Collector, Rajendra Ratnoo.

Presiding over farmers’ grievance day meeting on Friday, the Collector said that various farmers’ associations had demanded the release of water from the dam on June 1.

But, it would be released as usual on June 7 for the ‘Kannipoov’ cultivation.

Farmers also demanded the Collector to ensure the water bodies free from any kind of pollution.

He said that it had already been decided to impose fine to those dumping non-degradable wastes in water bodies from June 1.


Nagercoil: Widespread rainfall

Nagercoil: Various parts of the district witnessed widespread rain on Wednesday.

The maximum rainfall of 13 mm was recorded at Pechipparai followed by 8 mm in Chittar I, 2.2 mm in Kannimar, 1.4 mm in Aralvoimozhi, 1.2 mm each in Perunchani and Puthen dam and 1 mm in Chittar II.

The water level in Pechipparai dam stood at 22.15 feet, 22.90 feet in Perunchani, 2.62 feet in Chittar I and 2.72 feet in Chittar II.


Nagercoil: Heavy rain

Nagercoil: Heavy rain with thunder and lightning lashed different parts of the district on Monday. Farmers in the district were happy as they could undertake summer ploughing work. The water level in Pechipparai dam stood at 21.10 feet, 19.40 feet in Perunchani, 2.13 feet in Chittar I and 2.23 feet in Chittar II.


Nagercoil: Web site on plastic ban launched

Nagercoil: The district administration has launched a web-site recently to create awareness among school and college students as well as the general public on the ban of plastic materials in the district.

The Collector, Rajendra Ratnoo, said that in the web-site there were two options where the public could click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to express their view on whether to ban or not to ban plastics in the district.

He also appealed to the public to post their suggestions in this web-site to declare Kanyakumari as a ‘plastic free district’ at the earliest.

Four municipalities

The officials of four municipalities including Nagercoil, Padmanabhapuram, Colachel and Kuzuthurai, 56 town panchayats and 99 village panchayats were being asked to form committees in connection with creating awareness among the people about the usage of plastic items above 20 microns.

It had been decided to conduct IEC (information, education and communication) programme throughout the district.

‘We would not be able to eradicate the plastic menace within a short span. But we could minimize the usage day by day, by making use of paper or jute bags,” said the Collector.


The district administration was committed to bring in a ‘behavioral change’ among the people by creating awareness about the ill-effects of using plastics, which could be responsible for diseases as cancer.

The campaign stressing on reduced use of plastic items began in October last and other awareness programmes were conducted every month to educate the public about the evils of its usage.

It would be continued in future also, he said.


Nagercoil: Tour to tanks, ponds to view migratory birds

Efforts of tourism department earns appreciation of environmentalists and nature lovers

Nagercoil: A tour for school and college students including environmentalists was flagged off by the Tourism Minister, N. Suresh Rajan.

A batch of 103 school students, 25 college students and 220 others including environmentalists who had registered their names to visit various tanks and ponds in different parts of the district to see the migratory birds from other countries and those from India took the tour.

The two-day programme was inaugurated by the Minister here on Saturday.

The programme was organised by ‘Friends of Nature’ forum headed by the District Collector, Rajendra Ratnoo.

Tourism Minister N. Suresh Rajan, Collector Rajendra Ratnoo, District Forest Officer Sundarraju and other officials visited Thathayarkulam near Therakalputhoor, Putheri and other tanks along with the students.


The presence of flamingo, pelican, painted stork, spoonbill, pintail duck, large egret, medium egret, little egret, cattle egret was noted.

The effort taken by the tourism department was appreciated by the environmentalists and all nature lovers.